MICE tourism deals with managing Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions at corporate level. When experience and the zeal to excel is at the helm of an enterprise, it is simple to understand its strengths, capabilities and prowess. Almost four years in travel and tourism sector makes Genius World into a completely growing organization absolutely capable of handling travel needs of India. From organizing Group tours, Speciality tours, Customized tours we started our diversification to handling MICE tours in both India and World sectors. Since then managing any kind of corporate tour at international level has become our forte.


An assembly of persons for a specific business or professional purpose.

Meetings bring people together in one place for the purposes of sharing information and discussing and solving problems. Meeting attendance can range from two to hundreds of people. For a meeting a schedule is fixed. During a meeting, there will usually be food and beverage served. Meeting times vary depending on the meeting type. Meetings can be of various types: Board Meetings, Management Meetings, Shareholder Meetings, Training Seminars, Meetings with Partners, Suppliers and Clients, Product launches, Strategic planning, Retreats, etc. The objective of Genius World MICE is to become one of the top quality solutions provider to its Corporate business clients across India.


A reward offered for increased productivity to incite greater effort.

Incentive travel is a management tool for rewarding and motivating sales representatives, dealers, distributors, production workers, support staff, and in some cases, customers. Usually, the incentive trip comes with hotel stays, tour packages and planned activities such as dinners, parties and games. Genius World MICE Experts always provide best solutions to make successful incentive travel tours.


A gathering to confer or consult especially on an important matter.

Similar to meetings, conferences are gatherings of people with common objectives, organized to exchange ideas, views and information of common interest to the group. An organization, usually an association, will organize a conference each year with a theme related to the organization’s topic.Conferences can be organized international, national or regional levels. Genius World MICE team can help you in arranging such conferences with some expertise.


An exposition or large fair of extended duration to showcase.

Organisations require to keep events to get sales leads, to introduce new product, to build a network for influential contacts, to gather latest information about the competitors, to build the company’s image. Genius World MICE team is geared up to arrange such events with the most reasonable cost.

Indian Destinations

Sikkim Gangtok Lachung
From 19,900
Sikkim Gangtok Lachung
From 22,000
Sikkim Gangtok Lachung
From 20,900

World Destinations

Sikkim Gangtok Lachung
From 38,000
Sikkim Gangtok Lachung
From 75,000
Sikkim Gangtok Lachung
From 95,000