It was a very good experience with genius world tour for my recent trip to Bali. It was very well organised and excecuted.
Tour guide provided was really helpful and always ensure that he can provide whatever we might need.
Accommodation and Dinner in Indian restaurants exceeded our expectations.
Both pick up and drop off at the airport were very comfortable and punctual.
Definitely I will be recommending your tour to my friends and relatives and I will also be taking another in near future.
Thank you Genius World Tour for a wonderful journey.

Guest Name : Mr. & Mrs. Meshram
Tour Name : Kashmir - WA
Tour Date : 19 Oct 2019
Tour Leader : Hitesh Patil

It was a lovely experience with Genius World tour to Rajasthan
From the day we first contacted the Genius World we had a good response from their executive. Mr Nikhil who had arranged the tour as per our requirements. Our requirement was to cover Marwar and Mewad and if we check the google map they are 2 opposite sides of Rajasthan, however a well-designed plan was provided by Genius World which met all our requirements and we were really satisfied with the service provided including the hotel arrangements and the tour driver who was on time for the entire tour. The food quality offered was excellent with grand welcome at the Oasis Resort at Thar Desert and Jodhpur Hotel. All the queries were patiently answered and we had a lovely time and an excellent holiday Thanks to Genius World team; hope to have many more holiday tours with them in future.

Shweta & Swojas Pataskar 

Guest Name : Rajasthan
Tour Name : Best Of Rajasthan
Tour Date : 10 Nov 2018
Tour Leader : Nikhil Patil

I travelled to Leh Ladakh with Genius World. It was my first tour with them. They provide great return on your investment with high quality service. Our tour manager Mr. Nikhil Patil was humble and supportive at every point during our tour. I will surely book my next tour with them.

Guest Name : Mr. Kan Singh
Tour Name : Leh Ladakh
Tour Date : 08 Jun 2018
Tour Leader : Nikhil Patil

Nicely arranged tour by Mr. Nikhil Patil. I wish to travel with Genius World for my future trips.

Guest Name : Mr. Sanjay Patil
Tour Name : Leh Ladakh
Tour Date : 08 Jun 2018
Tour Leader : Nikhil Patil

Hi everybody my name is Mahesh Bangar. I live in Wada taluka. I joined Genius World's Thailand tour and my overall experience is fantastic. This time I travelled alone with them but next time I am making my plans to travel with family on Genius World's next tour. Our tour manager Mr. Hitesh Patil was really humble and managed tour flawlessly. I think Genius World provides best economical tours in Mumbai region. They really provide quality service at nominal price.

Guest Name : Mr. Mahesh Bangar
Tour Name : Singapore Malaysia
Tour Date : 28 Dec 2018
Tour Leader : Hitesh Patil

I travelled to Thailand with Genius World group tour. It was my first flight experience and foreign trip. I made lot of friends on tour and enjoyed a lot during tour. They provided us best quality hotels and overall sightseeing experience is unforgettable. I am still in moment where I imagine myself as I am still on tour. I will surely book my next tour with Genius World.

Guest Name : Mr. Nilesh Patil
Tour Name : Singapore Malaysia
Tour Date : 22 Feb 2018
Tour Leader : Hitesh Patil

We went to Thailand tour with Genius World on 17 November 2017. This was my first foreign tour. I enjoyed a lot on this tour. I thank Genius World Team for making this tour special for me. I liked the management carried out by tour manger throught the tour. I give my best wishes to Mr. Nashib Patil and his team for their future tours.

Guest Name : Mr. Kavidas Sawant
Tour Name : Singapore Malaysia
Tour Date : 29 Nov 2018
Tour Leader : Nikhil Patil

मी, विनोद पाटील राहणार, कुडूस , पत्नी  व मुले यांजसोबत आपल्या जिनीअस वर्ल्ड टूर्स तर्फे हिमाचल प्रदेश मध्ये चंदीगड, कुलू व मनाली येथे सहलीला जाऊन आलो. मी आवर्जून सांगू इस्चितो की आपल्या व्यवस्थापनाने केलेले सहलीचे आयोजन व नियोजन अतिशय उत्तम व कौशल्यपूर्ण पध्दतीचे होते. हॉटेल्स व तेथील जेवण उत्तम दर्जाचे होते. ग्रुप मधील सर्व पर्यटकांना कोणत्याही प्रकारचा त्रास अथवा कंटाळा आलेला नाही. याचे कारण म्हणजे सहलीमध्ये निखील पाटील ने दिलेले विशेष लक्ष. त्याने प्रत्येक गोष्टीची बारकाईने काळजी घेतली, काय हवे - नको ते पाहिले. निखील  होतकरु, हुशार व कष्टाळू आहे. आमच्याकडून तर त्याला उर्वरित आयुष्यासाठी नक्कीच चांगल्या शुभेच्छा आहेत व आपणही त्यांच्यावर आणखी वरील जबाबदारी दिल्यास तो तसूभरही त्यात कमी पडणार नाही याचा भरोसा वाटतो. आपल्याला देखील या तीन वर्षांच्यापुढील वाटचालीस खूप खूप शुभेच्छा.
! धन्यवाद !! जय हिंद, जय महाराष्ट्र !

Guest Name : Mr. Vinod Patil
Tour Name : Singapore Malaysia
Tour Date : 12 Jun 2018
Tour Leader :
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